Apurva Olwe

She is a master’s student of Modern Indian Studies at the Georg August University in Göttingen, Germany. Previously, she did a master’s on Women’s Studies from TISS Mumbai. She was an urban fellow at the Indian Institute of Human settlements in Bangalore during 2016-17. She has worked with various NGOs of Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad on the issues of urban infrastructures, water systems, informality and housing. Her interest areas are intersectionalities of gender, caste, social inequality, waste management, labour and sustainable development.

Alina Feith


Lana Balorda

Lana Balorda is a master’s student of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Tübingen University. She received her bachelor’s degree from University College London in Biology and then went on to study for her Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching at the University of Reading. Lana worked internationally as a science teacher for over a decade. During her career as a teacher, she promoted ecological sustainability both in her teaching and through project work, field trips, and talks. Her research interests include historiography and memory, marginalization and displacement, race and identity, gender and diversity, science and technology studies, social inequality, and sustainability.

Leonie Metzger

Leonie Metzger is a student of BA Social and Cultural Anthropology and Indology in her 5th semester. While travelling by herself with her backpack and tent in New Zealand and Iceland for some months each, she has experienced a new connection to nature. She’s convinced, that reconnecting with nature on an economic and global scale can help a lot in solving some of the big problems we are facing on our planet nowadays, such as the climate crisis and exploitation of the earth. That’s why she currently focuses on Environmental Anthropology in her studies. She will be staying in the Garhwal area for one year, starting in 2021. There she will work on a project for University about the human-nature-relationship. She wants to focus on the cultural impacts of deforestation on the people who rely on the forest.

Melissa Froemel

Melissa Froemel is a student of BA Social and Cultural Anthropology and Indology. In 2017/18 she volunteered in Goa with the NGO Live Happy, Terra Conscious and Coastal Impact, for one year.  There she got an insight in various fields, for example sustainable tourism, preservation of cultural heritage and nature, awareness talks, public relations and organizing projects like Clean Ups. Since 2020 she is volunteering in the NGO Project Três which is focusing on women emancipation. Other fields of interests are sustainable development aid and conflict management.

Live Happy :

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Sofia Porscha

Sofia Helene Porscha is a student of MA Social and Cultural Anthropology and graduated in BSc Geography and BA Anthropology in the year 2019. Furthermore she completed a permacultural designing course in 2020. Her current focus is on multispecies life on planet Earth sharing the vision of multispecies interdependency and interaction in diverse ecological cultures and socialities. She was spending some time in activist work occupying the forest Hambacher Forst ( fighting against exploitation and destruction by brown coal extraction, and at present is working on re-organizing some infrastructures in the garden of the living project Schellingstraße (, where she lives since 5 years.

Yujie Pan



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