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Heritage and Architecture

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Vanvadi Forest Eco-versity Association (VanFEVA) invites you to for a 3 month residential programme

2nd January to 27th March 2021

The programme is designed to reintegrate learning with living – particularly, nature, community and our deeper, cultural aspirations –

with emphasis on ‘hands-on’ experience and practice to supplement ‘theoretical’ understanding.

More specifically, we shall focus on:

(i) Conservation and regeneration of forest, biodiversity, soil; and watershed management

(ii) Progressive self-reliance for meeting basic needs, including food, water, habitat

(iii) Understanding the significance of indigenous knowledge and bio-culture

(iv) Personal nurturing of cultural aspirations related to music, arts, health, meditation, …

(v) Experiencing and learning from community living

To register go to this link:

Dilip Jain - 98192 78161 -

Sarita Ganesh - 99695 18968 -


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