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Dec 10, 2020
In Event's Daily Brief
The two week Summer School Programme between Dehra Dun and Tubingen began today and the opening day saw participation from more than 40 participants and faculty members. After a formal introduction of the participating members, Professor Karin Polit, Head of Department, Anthropology, University of Tubingen and Dr. Lokesh Ohri, outlined the purpose of the exchange and initiated discussions on two cities. The participants were given a virtual tour of Dehra Dun by Sargam Mehra which familiarized people with the historical landmarks and the developmental issues in the Dehra Dun region. This was followed by a virtual tour of Tubingen which was presented by Sofia Porscha, Leonie Metzger and Melissa Froemel, students of University of Tubingen who familiarized the members with the streets and landmarks of Tubingen and spoke about local issues. The day concluded with the exercise of drawing mind maps where all participants delineated their areas of interest and an effort was made to combine these themes and chart out common working areas. (Udit Nautiyal)
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